Terms and conditions & Privacy:

Who are we ?

BSSD VZW/ASBL rue de Fraigneux 22a 4100 Boncelles-Belgique/Belgïe.  In**@bs**.be.

Banque Carrefour des Entreprises /Kruispuntbank van Ondernemingen : 0547.996.550

www.BSSD.be, Twitter, Intagram and Facebook page.

Our statutes 2021 : cfr link : Retour greffe Leuven publication MB

Our webmaster :  Matica  Webservices en techniek www.matica.be

Type of personal date we process :

As a VZW/ASB/Non Profit Organisation we have to register our members ( first name, last name, date of birth, full adress) for legal aspect and annual report to the ” greffe du tribunal du commerce”or ” ondernemingsrechtbank”.  Our statutes request we know about every member’s profession.   To stay in contact, we need also a email address.  In order to join members quickly if needed, we ask a phone number.  Those data are only use by BSSD administrators and authorities for legal aspects.  We never share our member’s data for commercial use.  We could use anonymous data for statistics or studies about swallowing disorders caregivers in Belgium.

Your rights :

Dependig on the processing and the legal basis, there are a number of possibilities available to you to keep control over your personal data : right to access your data , right to amend your data, right to object to the processing of your personal data, right to limit the processing of your data, right to have your data deleted , right to withdraw your consent.  in**@bs**.be

Retention period for personal data :

BSSD keeps your data as long as our Society exists but you can delete them anytime.  in**@bs**.be

Why do we ask a membership ? :

Following our statues :  to provide website and news for our members, to promote swallowing disorders researches and cares in Belgium, to pay account managers and taxes, to organize free events our very cheap congresses…   We also try to have Sponsorships to reduce your financial participation but we must maintain financial independence.

To become a member of BSSD, you have to accept our Privacy Policy.

General conditions membership :

Memberships will be valid for the current running year.

Every year a member has the opportunity to renew its membership via the website or via an e-mail to in**@bs**.be.

Cancelling a membership can at any time, sending an e-mail to in**@bs**.be.

External link :  If BSSD website suggests external link to document certain information, the activation of these links is the responsability of the user.

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